Press Release, May 2016

Queen of Swords, The Lost Sugar Disco

The Golden Dawn rises on the Lost Sugar Disco's new location. Join us as we continue to work through the arts and lower the veils, now at Single File. 

x  Large Scale Installation x

x Vinyl/DJ/Rock and Roll/Psychedelia x

x Photography x 

x Stage Design x

x Ritual x

The Lost Sugar Disco invites you to participate in our upcoming appearances:

May 20: Spring Forward// The Bond, York, PA

May 20-22: The Fox Run// Undisclosed Location, Lancaster, PA

June 4: A Soft Open with A Thing With Two Heads// Single File, Lancaster PA

Join us in the present:

Tifani TrueLove /// Life As Ceremony

Joe Martin /// Album Cover Art for Dr. Slothclaw

Tiffany Echo Wolf and Tessa Law /// Lifetime Films

Tiffany Echo Wolf /// Film Short: Doorway of 1,000 Churches

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